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  • Saturday, June 22nd @ 11:30AM: Campaign kickoff at former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey's home – See Photos



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Petaluma, California — Already, with impressive community support and campaign momentum, Petaluma Planning Commissioner Blake Hooper has officially announced his candidacy for Petaluma City Council (District 5). The General Election will be on November 5, 2024.

“Like many communities, Petaluma faces external pressures to adapt to a rapidly shifting future. We all feel strongly connected to and protective of our culture, which is anything but cookie-cutter. Unique may be an overused word, but in our case, it’s apt,” noted Blake in his announcement. He continued, “We have brought our heritage forward, with each generation contributing to what has become a rich tapestry. Now, we are the history our grandkids will look back on. The question is, how will we measure up?”

As we adapt to a changing climate, strengthen fire preparedness, deal with increasing transportation issues, and secure adequate housing for all, there can be tension and friction. Yet, as Blake noted recently, “The only way we move forward—while protecting the feeling of our community and the natural beauty around us—is by working together and taking the time to listen and think things through.”

Raised in Petaluma from a young age, Blake has deep roots in the community and a driving commitment to leave a truly special place to live for the next generation. As a Planning Commissioner, Blake knows all too well the pressures on small towns across California. As a Legislative Consultant for the California Senate, Blake has built relationships and developed experience that will help Petaluma secure needed resources—making Blake Hooper the right fit for this job.

Hooper has the strong support of Councilmember Dennis Pocekay, who noted, “Blake has the experience and commitment to build a path towards obtainable housing, confronting climate change, and building a stronger economy. He’ll make sure every voice is heard and respected while prioritizing a stable and sustainable foundation for families. Blake has my full support.”

Former Mayor Teresa Barrett explained in her endorsement: “Blake’s deep community roots give him a critical perspective. His follow-through, commitment to Petaluma residents, and willingness to take the time to listen are exactly what we need now to ensure Petaluma continues to be such a special place.”

In her endorsement, Mady Cloud, Trustee for the Petaluma Board of Education, said, “Blake and I have had many conversations about creating a more dynamic partnership between the city of Petaluma and our Petaluma schools. He is a collaborator, a good listener, and an excellent communicator and will serve District 5 and the whole Petaluma community well.”

Blake will be joined at the kick-off event by Assemblymember Damon Connolly, Former Mayor Teresa Barrett, and Councilmember Dennis Pocekay. Former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey will host the event at her home on June 22nd at 11:30 AM. RSVP today!

In addition to many community members, Blake is honored to be endorsed by Senate Pro Tem Mike McGuire, Assemblymember Damon Connolly, Councilmember Dennis Pocekay, Councilmember Brian Barnacle, Petaluma City Schools Trustee Mady Cloud, Petaluma City Schools Trustee Ellen Webster, Former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Former Mayor Teresa Barrett, Former Mayor David Glass, Former Mayor Pam Torliatt, Former Councilmember Gabe Kearney, Former Councilmember Matt Maguire, among others.