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Cold Calling Is Not Dead, It Just Needs To Be Done Correctly

Stop listening to everyone saying cold calling is dead. It's alive and well and that's why I have created a video, to assist people with the mindset required when approaching cold calling. Now, You Can See How To Tailor Your Cold Call Well that's the point of the video. If you haven't watched [...]

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Building Profitable Deals Following A Full Sales Process

How would your business benefit from building profitable deals? Would your life be easier, would you need to complete fewer deals? I’m sure it would. The reason you are unable to build profitable deals comes down to you. The profit in the deal is yours to give away. Imagine for a moment, that the price you [...]

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5 selling techniques for your sales team

As a salesperson there is always room to grow in your role so as to try to convince your customer in closing the deal. A business should invest in education that is aimed at educating their team and encouraging them in handling objections they may encounter in their jobs. Selling the products and services of [...]

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