Blake Hooper “Aussie Sales Guy” Interviews Justin Herald Founder of Attitude Clothing

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Blake Hooper “Aussie Sales Guy” Interviews Justin Herald Founder of Attitude Clothing

Attitude clothing is a T-shirt brand that was created by Justin Herald accidentally for only $50. In this interview Justin tells the story of how he wanted to annoy someone, so got started by printing four T-shirts with word ‘Attitude’ across the front. He ended up selling three of the T-shirts to his friends and accomplished what he had set out to do, to annoy this certain lady.

Job done.

Though something amazing happened after that, Justin found that the T shirts were in demand. He set up a stall at the local markets (Parklea Markets) and the rest from there is history. The T-shirt brand was a huge success and was eventually sold according to Justin Herald for an unreported amount.

Justin Herald was also named “International Entrepreneur Of The Year” for 2005. He has also been awarded to be one of the ‘50 Most Influential Leaders Of The Next Generation’ in Australia.

The Point Of An Interview With Justin Herald

Considering that Justin is in some ways a celebrity business personality, with an impressive record. I felt it was appropriate to have Justin in for an interview where we could pick his brain for business tips and that I did.

With years of hands on experience and the release of several successful businesses since the sale of Attitude Clothing, Justin did not disappoint. He gave an honest opinion on where he see’s business in 2017 and what he thought about the changes of social media and the internet over recent years.

Justin is of the opinion that the old way of business is better and that he actually still preferred doing business this way. We also discussed that even though business is moving more and more online, that in some ways it’s still a replication of the old school methods.

Watch the entire interview below:

What’s Justin Herald Up to These Days

The question is really what Justin is not up to these days. Justin lives a busy lifestyle, with 5 daughters and his wife Rene Herald. He manages a busy schedule of mentoring small businesses and also participates in many speaking gigs along the way.

His newest venture and something that Justin and I discussed prior to the interview, is his new business Refer Us. An application that allows business owners to connect to customers through a referral software he has created. Essentially, if you own a business you can obtain a yearly subscription which allows your customers to refer you to potential customers, with a commission payable to the referrer.

Why Did I Decide To Interview Justin Herald

After starting a T-Shirt company myself roughly 10 years ago and after running into multiple hurdles, I decided I needed some help. I was aware of the Attitude Clothing brand and its success and thought that reading Justin’s book “How To Grow Your Business Without Spending A Single Cent” would help. Help it did indeed. The principles that Justin outlined are some of the principles that I still use in business today.

Justin is very customer service focused and believes that by focusing on your customer, you can stand out from the rest and build a great business. He also believes in utilising media streams to promote your business and suggests it a great way to promote your business for free.

After following Justin for a period of time and having some dealings with Justin in my years of working as a car salesman, I decided it would be a good idea to reach out and ask if he was interested in completing an interview with me. Justin was quite accommodating, friendly and willing to help out with an interview.

What Are Some Of The Key Takeaways In the Interview

Justin is an honest down to earth type of guy. He doesn’t really like to dress up and has a bit of a reputation for dressing down on occasions. He is happy to chat and generally gives the feel that he is interested in what you have to say.

In the interview he gives an honest opinion on how he sees business in this day and age. He gives advice for anyone that is starting off in business and suggests all of his businesses have been low cost start-ups. He is a firm believer that if you start with a low budget you are more inclined to look outside the square for solutions. It also means that you have a reduced risk if the business doesn’t work out.

Justin is a firm believer of getting out of your comfort zone and thinking differently. He agrees with my advice not to quit your day job while starting a new venture. Whilst Justin was starting Attitude Clothing he was working two jobs, even though at the time he had acquired quite a good turnover.

It’s clear that Justin instils his faith in smarter people than himself, as all smart businessmen do. He hires people with certain skill sets to assist in areas that he requires additional knowledge. He also refers to the fact that he has many mentors in different areas of his life.

Justin believes that whilst working hard you need to understand the importance of work life balance. Setting aside time for family and to ride his Harley Davidson, which when I contacted Justin for the interview he was at a Harley Davidson shop at the time of taking the call.

When asked the question if he would do anything different if he had to start all over, Justin replies that he wouldn’t change a thing and do it all the same again.

Is It Worth Watching The Full 35 Minute Interview

You bet. The information and insight that Justin gives away in this interview is great. People would charge for the information he provides for free. If you are serious about business you should be watching this video multiple times. As Justin has accomplished more than most people ever will and you can learn directly from the areas he has already proven work.

Business does not have to be hard and with the push towards social media often the fundamentals are forgotten. In this interview Justin really hits home about how important the old school way of business still is.

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