Cold Calling Is Not Dead, It Just Needs To Be Done Correctly

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Cold Calling Is Not Dead, It Just Needs To Be Done Correctly

Stop listening to everyone saying cold calling is dead.

It’s alive and well and that’s why I have created a video, to assist people with the mindset required when approaching cold calling.

Now, You Can See How To Tailor Your Cold Call

Well that’s the point of the video.

If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you watch it before continuing.

Successful cold calling requires a relaxed approach you must be clear concise and to the point. You need to have your messaging right and understand not everyone is going to buy your product. You will find a percentage of people are ready to go straight away with your product. Though some people will need time to think about it or the pain at this point is not great enough.

I’ll give you an example of cold calling for printing customers.

Most people that buy A3 photocopiers, either have one already or have out grown their current print setup.

So there are really two main targets to chase.

The customer that has outgrown or outgrowing there current setup, usually they are facing a few issues and will look at a new option.

The other type of customer who already own an A3 photocopier and are usually on a lease and can only purchase a new device towards the end of that lease. So in this case you are needing to understand their buying pattern for a return call.

This example gives you a little insight into finding the right customer at the right time.

You see its all a timing thing, be around at the right time and you will get the meeting or the order.

Make sure you don’t let a prospect string you along with meaningless promises, that they will look into it with you one day. This can often happen and it’s usually because the prospect doesn’t want to say no.

Go and prospect via the telephone, and remember it’s just a numbers game. Call enough people in your market and you will find people interested in your product

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