Why A CRM Should Be A Sales Persons Best Friend

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Why A CRM Should Be A Sales Persons Best Friend

If you are a sales representative and you are not utilising a CRM to its fullest potential, you’re crazy.. And if you’re anything like me, then you can’t possibly remember every customer interaction. That’s where proper use of a Customer Relationship Manager comes in to play.

You are in sales so I’m pretty confident at some point you have used a CRM. That’s great! But have you really spent the time to unlock the value of a CRM. For the most part of sales people I see, they find a CRM to be one of those things, they wish they didn’t have to manage. Let’s look at it right, you have to continually navigate your way around it. Sometimes trying to remember how you did something last time. You have to continually type information into it.

This could be time better spent, yeah?


Top Sales People Use a CRM To Stay On Top Of Their Customers

Top sales people in any given niche, push a CRM system to its maximum. That’s how they stay on top of all of their customer’s. Every time you have any dialogue with a customer you need to put the key points in the system.


Because, these notes that you take down, will form the basis for driving your sales forward. Imagine, If your customer puts up an objection around a certain area of the sale. You have just read your notes and you can use something they have said previously that overcomes that objection. You better believe this is the sort of things that propel top sales people forward using all of their available tools.
A CRM is like a hammer is to a carpenter. I’m sure you have seen a carpenter in action at some point. He wears a belt with his hammer hanging off it at all times. He needs this tool available at every moment whilst he is working. A sales person needs a CRM the same way that the carpenter needs his hammer. You need to have access to your CRM on your computer and your smart phone. If you are on the road and receive a phone call, you can quickly refer to your current note’s on that customer and close or progress the deal.

Lets Take a look at the Benefits of a well-used CRM

Review previous conversations and requirements of a customer
Ability to set reminders for certain tasks, ie: Calls, Timelines
You can store email correspondence
Set automatic email sequences and send newsletters
Search for customers quickly and effectively via filters
Manage your pipeline of prospects
Categorise customers into certain groups
Find customer details when in client meetings or on the road
The list goes on and on..

The main thing is that you manage a CRM full of your clients. A CRM on its own is not powerful enough. It’s the way you utilise the software, that will give you maximum results and help you maintain profitable deals. What you put into the CRM will be what you get out of it.

Now ask yourself this question.

Have I used my CRM properly this week? If the answer is no, then commit for the next 3 months to using your CRM diligently and putting in as much information as you can. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your selling.

When a sales person says to me I don’t have enough prospects. It’s either because they are new to the role or are not managing their current pipeline correctly. You need to understand that using you CRM is the long game. It takes time to start seeing the benefits. Though once it starts to get momentum, you will be so grateful that you invested your time in such an important asset.

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