The Key To Financial Success Is Sales And Marketing

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The Key To Financial Success Is Sales And Marketing

Let’s take a minute and re-read the headline of this article. Let’s zone in on it and really start to unpack what this means. ‘The key to financial success is sales and marketing’ A very simple statement though very strong and true when it comes to financial success. Sure there are other ways to build your financial success, though once you master sales and marketing the sky is the limit.

The presidential election in the US has recently taken place, where one of the wealthiest men in the world and known by almost everyone on the planet, has achieved the highest status in the country to become the President of the United States. Let’s look at Donald Trump for a moment. He obviously has marketing down pat as everyone knows who he is. He also works on some of the biggest deals in the world so sales skills are another area he has mastered. It’s the combination of these two skills which has allowed his financial success and now his political success.

With this example in mind let’s have a look at a list of wealthiest people in the world

Bill Gates – Microsoft

Amancio Ortega – Zara

Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway

Carlos Slim Helu – Telecom

Jeff Bezos –

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

Larry Ellison – Oracle

Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg

Okay, yes they all have great products with good profit margins. Though we all know these companies, which goes to show that they have excellent sales and marketing skills. These people do not only have great sales and marketing skills they have teams of the best minds in these fields assisting with their sales and marketing.

Now let’s relate this back to yourself as an individual, wanting more of the pie than the average Joe. Where do you think you need to focus your efforts? Well that’s right mastering sales and marketing. Because once you have sales and marketing skills your ability to build a stable future with an abundance of wealth is a sure thing.

Where Is The Best Place To Learn Sales And Marketing Skills?

Learning these skills will take time and patience and you should learn these skills from people who have mastered the art. The quickest way to learn something is from someone who has already mastered it. This can be found by reading blogs and information on the internet. You might like to listen to audio books or watch videos on YouTube. It could be as simple as an online course or a friend that has learnt cutting edge sales and marketing skills.

Financial SuccessMost of you probably know what a mentor is. Though how many of you actually have one? Having a mentor can be as simple as following their work, enrolling in a course with someone or having a dedicated mentor which is there with you every step of the way. The most import thing is you have at least one mentor, I would advise multiple mentors as that way you can learn from all different angles about sales and marketing.

What If I Am No Good At Sales Or Marketing?

Well sure there are other ways to create financial success. You could learn a profession which pays really well and work for someone. You could become really good at something that people need or want and pay someone else to do your sales and marketing.

Though what I would suggest, is if you really want to be successful these two skills are a necessity. Learning how to sell and market a product effectively is going to be the easiest way to financial freedom. It will also give you the ability work for yourself and get rid of that boss once and for all.

Now let’s concentrate on why you need sales and marketing.

Why do you need sales and marketing and not just sales or marketing wouldn’t knowing one skill set be enough? Knowing one skill set would be better than not knowing any of them at all. Though Sales people make the best marketing people and without marketing there are no customers to sell to.

Now let’s look at sales as a skill:

Sales is the ability to get customers to transact on your terms. If you are to really master sales, you understand that there are many types of customers and you learn what makes each individual type tick. By understanding that there is not a blanket approach to sales you will work in tune with all types of customers. You will understand the buying signals of a certain type of person. You will understand what certain types of customer’s don’t like in a sales transaction and be able to adjust your presentation.

Selling requires you to have people buy you. People are not necessarily buying a product when working with a sales person. They are actually buying into a relationship with the sales person. This helps a customer feel at ease and helps build trust. If customers are going to give over their hard earned dollars they want to ensure they are going to get what they have paid for. Customers are also likely to pay a little bit more if they believe you or your product to be superior than your competition.

Now Let’s look at marketing as a skill:

Marketing is what draws a person to a certain product. This may be a product that they are already aware of, or it could be a product that they have never seen before. Depending on the customers understanding of a product, will depend on the way the product must be marketed. Depending on the audience that the product is being marketed to will also have an impact on this.

Interest for a product can be generated in so many ways, especially with the online marketing option’s that can be utilised. With so many channels effective marketing is the key. If your marketing is not up to standard, you will easily be lost in the crowd. Though with catchy well thought out pieces or marketing it is possible to really stand out of the crowd. Which will allow for brand awareness, which will become a huge part of your marketing and enables for word of mouth and referral marketing, which can be some of the most influential cost effective marketing available.

The Call To Action

This is the ‘hook’ this is what motivates your customer to either buy or consider your product. Think of it a bit like fishing, you need to put bait on a hook before you throw it out. Depending on how good your bait is, will depend on whether your catch a fish. Obviously there are lot of other factors, where you place your bait, how many hooks with bait you put on the line, timing of when you throw your line in the water.

I’m sure you get my point, there are a lot of factors to perfecting the call to action. Though one thing is important here. If you mix great marketing with sharp sales skills you will definitely find yourself with lots of profitable transactions. With nearly 10 years of experience in ‘Sales and Marketing’ I can assure you that if you master these two skills you will be well on your way to financial success.

I would invite everyone to comment below on how they see these two skills helping them on their quest for financial freedom?

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